Facility Usage Policy

Student Affairs/Enrollment Management staff reserve the right to establish and uphold policies for the use of The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) by various types of groups and/or individuals. Failure to comply with any policies or guidelines outlined in this Policy Manual and/or any requests by Student Affairs/Enrollment Management may result in action by the staff to deny privileges, refer to proper authorities, and/or assess appropriate charges.

San Francisco State University Policies and the Student Conduct Code serve as authorities for The Student Life Events Center (Annex I), and are the bases for many of the policies in this manual. If changes in San Francisco State University Policies or the Student Conduct Code result in a discrepancy with The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) policies, then the current San Francisco State University Policies and Student Conduct Code shall prevail.

Requests for exceptions to any of The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) policies should be referred to the Dean of Students, or the Dean’s designee.


All programs and services provided by sponsored organizations are required to be accessible to people with disabilities. Event sponsors need to communicate/work with potential guests with disabilities on how to request reasonable accommodations so that they may have equal access.​

  • It’s best for each sponsoring organization to identify a point-person who will be the point of contact for making inquiries about the accessibility of a given event or activity.
  • The point-person identified does not need to know how to address each and every inquiry independently. Their role is to follow up on the inquiry in a timely manner and consult with an appropriate resource (Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC), Student Involvement and Career Center (SICC), etc.). The point-person should be in touch with the DPRC (http://www.sfsu.edu/~dprc/).
  • Sponsor organizations must include an accessibility statement on all communications announcing a meeting or other event. An example is as follows: "[Organization name] welcomes persons with disabilities and can make reasonable accommodations upon request. If you need reasonable accommodations for this event, please contact [person in your organization at xxx-xxx-xxxx or person@email.com] by [date-15 working days before event]."
  • An example of a request that the identified group member could handle independently might be to provide electronic copies of presentation materials. Most of these formats are commonly used by all participants regardless of disability status.
  • An example of a request that the point-person would likely need to consult an appropriate resource would be a request for sign language, Braille, large print or captioned media (e.g. VHS tapes, DVDs, laserdiscs, podcasts, etc.) Requests for presentation materials in an accessible format such as electronic copies of presentation materials (stored on CD, flash drive or emailed in advance), Braille, or large print (18 pt. font) or captioned media need to be appropriately addressed. Allow at least two weeks advanced notice to generate Braille or large print materials, and captioned media. Feel free to consult with the DPRC at 415.3382472 on what to do about making your materials accessible to participants with disabilities.

Staff in the DPRC are available for consultation on providing access to people with disabilities. Contact them at 415/338-82472 or dprc@sfsu.edu.


Animals are not permitted in The Student Life Events Center (Annex I), with the exception of service animals.

Allowable Uses

The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) building may be used for the following or similar activities, subject to the approval of the Dean of Students or designee: Performances, Special Events, Concerts, Expos, Banquets, and Dances. We also reserve the right to deny a space request if it does not support the mission and purpose of the University.

Building Access

Building access is on North State Drive. North State Drive also houses the University Corp Yard, the Campus Parking Garage, the Children’s Campus, and University Police (UPD). As a result, this street and all entrances must remain open and accessible to emergency and service vehicles at all times. Double parking is not allowed.

Building Capacity

The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) has a maximum allowable occupancy per renovations plans dated November 2012:

  • 900 for theater style seating
  • 400 for banquet/conference
  • 1,200 for standing (no furniture)

If an activity calls for more than the approved occupancy at any one-time approval must be obtained by the State Fire Marshal.

Building Hours

The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) may be reserved for use on weekdays during regular campus building operating hours (7 AM to 10 PM) and on weekends and after hours (weekends and weekdays) for special events as approved in advance by the Dean of Students or the Dean’s designee. Hours may vary for holiday and break periods.

Custodial Service

Facilities and Service Enterprises (FSE) will provide routine custodial services- based upon occupancy requirements. Student Affairs/Enrollment Management will arrange in advance with FSE for clean-up before, during, or after events on a recharge basis. Event sponsor’s will be charged any custodial costs above the daily routine cleaning. Custodial fees for 2017/2018 are:

  • $34.83 per hour for University entities and
  • $47.46 per hour for non-University.

All additional custodial services require a 4-hour minimum. Custodial fees are subject to change based on current academic yearly rate.

Damage, Theft, Vandalism

Persons and/or sponsoring organizations responsible for any acts of damage, vandalism to the premises, or unauthorized removal of items from The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) will be referred to appropriate authorities and will be held accountable for their actions, including financial obligations to fix or replace any damage to the building, furniture, equipment, etc.

Distribution of Literature

All literature distributed must clearly identify the sponsoring organization or department.

All individuals or organizations distributing literature will be held responsible for cleaning up litter resulting from its distribution.

Commercial literature may not be distributed in The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) unless approval has been received from the Dean of Students or the Dean’s designee. See the San Francisco State University Solicitation policy for more details (http://audit.sfsu.edu/sites/sites7.sfsu.edu.audit/files/assets/UED/ued%2089_13.v2_0.pdf).

Doors and Windows

As a security measure, doors, other than the main entry, may not be propped open during the event and windows may not be covered. Any exceptions to this guideline must be requested and approved prior to the event by the Dean of Students or the Dean’s designee.


Student Affairs/Enrollment Management is committed to the safety and security of all persons in The Student Life Events Center (Annex I). In the case of an emergency (e.g., fire, inclement weather, earthquake, or bomb threat), persons in the building are asked to follow the directives of the authorities. The Student Life Events Center emergency guidelines follow all local, state, and federal emergency regulations.

Illegal Activities

All events must comply with University Policies and Procedures. Smoking, the use of drugs or pyrotechnic devices are strictly forbidden inside or in the vicinity of The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) building.

Lost and Found

The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) maintains a lost and found service at the University Police Department, located at 100 Campus Circle, San Francisco, CA 94132.


Minors unaccompanied by adults or San Francisco State University students are not permitted to use the facilities unless they are attending an event scheduled in the building, are invited guests of San Francisco State University, or are currently enrolled San Francisco State University students. Events expecting participation by minors must have prior approval by the Office of Risk Management. Minors are defined as persons under the age of 18.


The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) has no dedicated parking. Parking spaces on North State Drive are for permit holders only. People using the facility for day use or special events must park in the parking garage. Public parking hours on North State Drive begins at 5 PM, continues until 7 AM on weekdays, and weekends beginning Friday at 5 PM and ending Monday at 7 AM. Parking is enforced 24/7. Vehicles must display a valid SF State parking permit while parked on campus and pay the required fee.

Responsibility for Personal or Organizational Property

Neither Student Affairs/Enrollment Management nor the University is responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal or organizational property. Guests of The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) are to take appropriate care of such items.


The restrooms in The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) are maintained by FSE and must remain available to the occupants of Annex II during University business hours.


Any temporary exterior signage of The Student Life Events Center (Annex I) will need to be approved in advance by the Dean of Students or the Dean’s designee. Painting tape must be used for any signs attached to the building or interior walls. No other adhesive materials are permitted.


San Francisco State University is a smoke-free campus with designated smoking areas. The closest designated smoking area to the Student Event Center is located on the South side of North State Drive. The full policy can be found at http://www.sfsu.edu/~news/announce/smokingpolicy.htm

Storage Space

The Student Life Events Center is not responsible for items left in the building and storage space is not normally available for materials or equipment used in association with an event. Such items are the sole responsibility of the student organization, University department, or user of the facility.


Weapons of any kind, including concealed weapons, are not allowed in any part of The Student Life Events Center (Annex I).