Event Services, Resources & Support

SF State Time, Place and Manner Policy (89.13), https://vpsaem.sfsu.edu/sites/default/files/SFSU_Time_Place_and_Manner_…

Planning Accessible Events at SF State, https://access.sfsu.edu/accessible-events


  • SF State Food Service Guidelines, https://ehs.sfsu.edu/content/procedures-serving-or-selling-food-student…
  • If you hire an outside catering solution you ill need the following
    • A copy or photo of their business license 
    • A copy of their liability insurance policy coverage
    • If they are bringing employees, like servers, or bartenders 
      • We will need a copy of their workman's comp insurance policy coverage
    • If they solution has a vehicle that is driving on campus 
      • We will need to se a copy of their vehicle insurance.  
  • Be sure the venue you are selecting allows heating dishes requiring flame for catering warming trays.
    • The Student Life Event Center does not allow flame of any type in the facility. Electric food warming trays are allowed. 


Custodial, Waste & Moving Services (Forklift), https://facilities.sfsu.edu/custodialservicesandwastemanagement

Tables & Chairs

Check with your venue first. If using university event equipment it must stay on campus grounds. If you need assistance with securing tables please feel free to contact activities@sfsu.edu


Event Technology (Audio, Video, Event Streaming, Photography)

These people do magic


Event Marketing


Using Outside Vendors


Parking & Traffic Management

SF State requires payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on all of the lots. Please pay close attention to signage in the area that may note staff only parking. Ask your event manager about the parking at your venue. Be sure to mention on any marketing or ticketing that there is a parking fee. Do not let the parking discussion wait. This is where we see many issues at events. 

  • SF State Parking and Transportation main website, https://parking.sfsu.edu/
  • Parking for Persons with Disabilities
    •  It is the policy of the University to provide convenient accessible parking facilities for all persons with disabilities who are members of the faculty, staff, student body, and visiting general public. 
    • A valid DP/DV license plate or placard issued by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles AND a valid University parking permit must be displayed to park in a blue zone on campus.
  • SF City Towed Cars, https://www.sfmta.com/getting-around/drive-park/towed-vehicles (You know just in case...)


Event Crowd Safety & Security

All event security decisions are recommended by SF State University Police Department. Secondary security will be hired at times for events from Contemporary Event Services. Event host will be responsible for all security fees for their event.