Reregister a Club/Organization

Registering your returning organization and becoming an active Recognized Student Organization with officers, comes with many campus privileges and responsibilities. All organizations will need five students who are willing to serve as the Officers for the organization. The five Officers will be responsible for upholding our university’s mission, values, and policies as they relate to the Student Organization experience. Please review the process below to understand how to either start a new organization, re-register inactive organizations, or re-register your currently recognized organization. We will work with you step by step through the process.

At any time that you would like assistance, have a question, or want to say hello, please reach out to us at

Annual Recognition Registration

All student clubs, organizations, or sports clubs are required to register with the University to be officially recognized and benefit from campus services, resources, and other benefits. 

Below outlines the annual recognition process for currently recognized student organizations. The recognition process occurs annually starting in the spring semester for the following academic year. 

For the FALL, All Student Clubs/Organizations Must Attend the Student Organization Summit at the End of Each Spring Semester (May). 

The Student Organization Summit will provide a direct path to organization (re)registration, training, and workshops, and provide opportunities for organizations to network and collaborate on programming for the following academic year. 

For the SPRING, Any Clubs/Organizations that Missed (Re)registration Can Register their Organization for the Spring Semester (February). 

If your organization is new, was inactive, frozen, or locked and would like to be registered, a small registration window will open from late December through the first week of February each academic year. 


Looking for a Step-by-Step Guide?

You're in luck! We have provided a help guide on SFSU Canvas (the University's online course module system) to provide steps and details to assist you through the registration process. 


Student Clubs, Organizations & Sports Clubs: Student officers can self-enroll in the modules with this URL:

Greek Life: Students officers can self-enroll in the modules with this URL: 

Need Assistance?

Contact our team at if you have any questions.

The General Steps to Registration

Form with check mark and pencil

Start on GatorXperience

It all formally starts here! Log-in to your GatorXperience profile and your club/organization's profile and select the registration process.

If you would like more information log-in to your SFSU Canvas directory and review the steps outline with the provided modules (see notes above for the step-by-step guides). 

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Step 1: Complete Student Leadership Orientation

The Student Leader Orientation (SLO) Workshop in Canvas, must be completed by:

  • Student Orgs: Presidents & Treasurers
  • Sports Clubs: Presidents, Vice Presidents, Treasurers, and Safety Officers
  • Should be completed by anybody within a student organizations who wishes to conduct official business on behalf of the org (request information, room reservations, etc.)

If you need access to SLO on Canvas:

Need Assistance?

See the staff dedicated to support your organization below or via this link, or contact us at 

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Step 2: Complete the Required DocuSign PowerForm

Complete the Registered Student Organization DocuSign PowerForm

SFSU transitioned away from paper registration forms. The required Advisor Agreement Form and the UCorp Banking Form are available on DocuSign.

Available on your organization's GatorXperience profile and (re)registration form, you will navigate to the provided DocuSign link to request the necessary signatures from your advisor, president, treasurer, and Student Engagement & Transition staff. 

Once you have completed the form, download the PDF, and submit/attach the completed document on your GatorXperience registration form. 


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Step 2a: Have a New Advisor?

If your advisor is new to advising your club or organization and they have not review advising training resources, or would like to have access to advising resources from Student Engagement & Transition, please provide them this link: 


2 individuals with dialogue boxes

Step 2b: How to Complete the DocuSign PowerForm

It is recommended only the organization's President / Director / Chair or Treasurer initiate the DocuSign packet for signatures.

Once you're ready to complete the DocuSign paperwork for registration, you must keep in mind who needs to sign the document, notify them once you have submitted the document for signatures, and make sure 

Organization President > to > Organization Treasurer > to > Organization Advisor

Here is a guide to starting the DocuSign RSO PowerForm: 

  1. Sign-in to your SF State DocuSign Account: Do not sign into a personal DocuSign account. You must use your SF State DocuSign account to complete  

  2. Open the Link: Click on the PowerForm link provided to you in your registration form on GatorXperience (via your Organization's Profile).

  3. Enter the Required Information: Fill in the details on the Signer Information page. This usually includes your name and email, your treasurer's name and email, and your advisor's name and email and selected "BEGIN SIGNING". 

  4. Start Signing: Since the Organization President is the first name in the signing packet and the person submitting the form, they must also be the first to sign the document before the packet is sent to the next signer (Treasurer). 

    • Please be sure to immediately check your email or log in to your DocuSign account to sign the pending document. 

  5. Fill Out the Form: The document will open. Complete all required fields. These are usually highlighted or marked.

  6. Sign: When you reach a signature field, click on it. You can either draw your signature or select a pre-existing style.

  7. Review: Before submitting, check all the information you entered for accuracy.

  8. Submit: Click the 'Finish' or 'Sign' button to complete your section of the form and then it will be sent to the next signer and so on.

  9. Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation with a copy of the signed document once all parties have signed their portion of the document. 

If you need support please contact Student Engagement & Transitions at

If you are having problems accessing your SF State DocuSign Account please refer to this link: 

Paper curled at the top and bottom

Step 3: Upload Your Updated Constitution

Review, revise, and update your constitution. This may not be necessary, yet it is important to regularly review and determine if your club/org's constitution needs updating. The constitution must be uploaded to GatorXperience, as a Word Document, annually.

Constitutions must now contain the specific non-discrimination clause available on the SA&E website.

IMPORTANT: A non-discrimination membership clause must be included:

"Eligibility for membership or appointed or elected student officer positions shall not be limited on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, gender identity, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability. The organization shall have no rules or policies that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, gender identity, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability."


Clipboard with 6 people pictured

Step 4: Upload Your Updated & Complete Roster

In your club/org registration form on GatorXperience, you will be provide an Excel document template for your roster to update and upload to your registration form. This template is required -- it will require for you to report official officers associated to your club/organization. 

It is important to update your roster each year so active members are officially recognized for their participation in the club/organization. Be sure your roster is updated with *all and only* current, active student members. 

You will upload the final roster as an Excel document; not a .pdf, Word, Numbers, or any other file format, on GatorXperience. 

We strongly recommend that you update your roster each time a new member joins your club/organization. 



Form with check mark and pencil

Step 5: Complete the Registration Application Form

Great! Now is the time to start the formal application to re/register your organization.

To start and complete the Registration Application, navigate to your GatorXperience Organization's Profile, and select the blue button  "Manage Organization"  at the top right of your organization's profile.

Complete the Registration Application in your Org/Club’s portal on Gator Experience.

IMPORTANT: If you have started and/or collected the signed DocuSigns for the Advisor Agreement Form and/or the required UCorp Banking Agreement Form, you must attach signed documents to the registration form and formally submit the Registration Application on GatorXperience. Completed DocuSigns does not mean your organization is registered; you must receive confirmation from Student Engagement & Transition professional staff. 

Three people meeting at table

Step 6: Schedule the Review Meeting

Schedule a 5:1 meeting with a Student Engagement & Transition professional staff member (see below) or email a request for a meeting to: 

All listed, registered members must:

  • Be present at the re-registration meeting
  • Only Officers have a minimum SF State GPA of 2.0
  • Only Officers Undergraduates must be enrolled in 6 units; Graduates must be enrolled in 3 units
  • Only Officers Have not exceeded the allowable completed units (Undergrad: 150 units, Graduate: 50 units)


Student Engagement & Transition Support Staff

Set up your virtual or in-person 5:1 meeting with your designated Student Engagement & Transition (SET) staff support person.

See below to determine who you will meet with!

See a quick list directory here.


headshot photo of professional staff

Chris Trudell, Assistant Dean of Students

American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) at SFSU
Art Club
Bird Watcher Anonymous 
Chemistry and Biochemistry Student Association
Child and Adolescent Development Club
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Christian Students
Clinica Martin Baro- Community Health Organizing
College Republicans
College Students in Broadcasting
Gator Greasers Automotive Club
General Union of Palestine Students
Graduate Literature Association
Hearts For The Homeless International 
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Iranian Student Association
Koinonia Christian Fellowship 
Life (Love Is For Everyone)
Muslim Student Association
Queer Cinema Coalition
Run Club at SFSU
Turning Point USA
Young Democratic Socialists of America

Summers Photo

Summer Smith, Student Program Coordinator & Greek Advisor

ALPFA at SF State
Black Residence United in Housing
Black Student Union
Delta Kappa Alpha
Greek Organizations / Fraternities & Sororities
Hermanas Unidas
Indian Student Association
Iota Phi Theta
Jabulani: The Black African Legacy Rite
La Raza Student Organization
Latinas in STEM
Latino/a/x Film Club
Pilipinx American Collegiate Endeavor
Residence Hall Association
San Francisco State Chinese Student and Scholar Association
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Student Chapter
Student Athlete Advisory Comittee
Taiwanese Student Association
The Afro-Latiné Club
Visual Innovation



professional headshot of professional staff

Sonia Getz, Campus Community Coordinator

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Asian American Christian Fellowship
Asian Student Union
Association of Biology Students
Chess Society at San Francisco State University
Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Circle K International
Educational Opportunity Program Student Organization
Engineering Student's Advisory Board 
Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students
Experimental College
Feminist Filmmaker Fellowship
Financial Analysis and Management Education
Gaming Gators
Habesha Association 
Her Campus at San Francisco
Information Management system association
International City/County Management Association
International Educational Exchange Council
Japanese Student Association
Kinesiology Student Association
Koinonia Christian Fellowship 
K-pop Adventures
Masters of Arts Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

staff profile picture

Matt Menor, New Student Orientation Coordinator

Accounting Students Organization
Active Minds
American Society of Civil Engineers
Animation Society
Anime FX
Art Student Union at SFSU
Ascend Chapter at SF State
Asian Student Union
Association for Computing Machinery, Student Chapter at SFSU
Association of Biology Students
Black Excellence in Science Technology Engineering and Math
Comic Arts Club
Cru Christian Fellowship
History Students Association
Improving Dreams, Equity, Access and Success
Latino/a/x Film Club
League of Filipino Students
Pre-Veterinary Society at San Francisco State University
Public Health Organization of Graduate Students
Rotaract at SF State
The Futurist Society At SFSU
Veterans Education, Transition & Support
Vietnamese Student Association
Women in Science and Engineering

staff profile picture

Evan Jaynes, First-Year Experience Director

Dancing Divas of State
Decision Sciences and Analytics Organization
Destino Movement
Exercise is Medicine at SF State
Fog City Rocketry
Gator Meetups Discord Club
G-Scholars Positive Change Network
Industrial/Organizational Psychology Student Association
Information Management Systems Association
International Educational Exchange Council
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
LFCoB Empowerment Organization
Marketing Association
Metro Association for Social Equity
Minorities in Psychology Club
Moot Court
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan
Museum Studies Student Association
Music Meditation Club
National Press Photographers Association
National Society of Black Engineers
National Student Speech Language Hearing Association
Nikkei Student Union
People's Movement of Solidarity 
Pre-Phycisian Assitant Society
Taiwanese Student Association

This is a picture of Vernon Piccinotti

Vernon Piccinotti, Events & Technical Manager

1st Gen Graduate Counseling Student Alliance
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Association for Computing Machinery, Student Chapter at SFSU
Bangladeshi Students Association at San Francisco State University
Counseling Student Association
DREAM (Disability Rights Education Activism Mentoring)
Economic Students Association
Fashion Network Association
Health Education Student Association
Hospitality Management Society
Management Organization for Business Students
Marketing Association
Masters of Social Work Council
SF Hacks
Tri-Athalon Club 

staff profile picture

Demont Oliver, Director of Campus Recreation