Reregister a Club/Organization

Annual Recognition Registration

All student clubs, organizations, or sports clubs are required to register with the University to be officially recognized and benefit from campus services, resources, and other benefits. 

Below outlines the annual recognition process for currently recognized student organizations. The recognition process occurs annually starting in the spring semester for the following academic year. 

All Student Clubs/Organizations Must Attend the Student Organization Summit at the End of Each Spring Semester (May). 

The Student Organization Summit will provide a direct path to organization (re)registration, training, and workshops, and provide opportunities for organizations to network and collaborate on programming for the following academic year. 

Any Clubs/Organizations that Missed (Re)registration Can Register their Organization for the Spring Semester (February). 

If your organization is new, was inactive, frozen, or locked and would like to be registered, a small registration window will open from late December through the first week of February each academic year. 

Steps to Re-Register Your Organization

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Step 1: Update Membership Roles On GatorXperience

Only the members who are given Officer roles on the GatorXperience roster may complete the re-registration form. Step 1 is to update the membership roles on your organization's roster inside the GatorXperience Profile. 

First, a current officer should log-in to GatorXperience and go to your Org's profile. Then, select the "Manage Organization" option.

  1. Update the Org's Primary Contact. - Your Org's primary contact should be the new or returning President.
  2. Membership Roles on the GatorXperience Roster - Update membership roles for new President, Treasurers, Officers & or Advisors.

*Note - You may create new membership roles, modify role permissions, or retitle membership roles via the "Manage Home Page."

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Step 2: Student Leadership Orientation - Unlocks June 1, 2024

Ensure all newly elected officers have completed the Student Leader Orientation.

The Student Leader Orientation (SLO) Workshop in Canvas, must be completed by:

  • Student Orgs: Presidents & Treasurers
  • Sports Clubs: Presidents, Vice Presidents, Treasurers, and Safety Officers
  • Should be completed by anybody within a student organizations who wishes to conduct official business on behalf of the org (request information, room reservations, etc.)

To access, first sign-in to Canvas. Then, click the enroll link below based on the type of organization:

Need Assistance?

See the staff dedicated to support your organization below or via this link, or contact us at 

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Step 3: Review, Revise & Update Your Constitution

Work with club members and officers to review, revise, and update your constitution.

This may not be necessary, yet it is important to regularly review and determine if your club/org's constitution needs updating. Have this document ready to go, you will need to upload it later in the process. 

Reminder: The constitution must contain the required non-discrimination clause. You must have this in your constitution verbatim.

"Eligibility for membership or appointed or elected student officer positions shall not be limited on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, gender identity, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability. The organization shall have no rules or policies that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, gender identity, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability."


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Step 4: Prepare Your Roster

Clubs are required to submit a roster of member for registration annually. 

It is important to update your roster each year so active members are officially recognized for their participation in the club/organization. Be sure your roster is updated with *all and only* current, active student members. 

You must use the roster template provided via the link below. Download the spreadsheet and fill in the required information about your members. Save this document for upload later.

*Reminder - You must have a minimum of five (5) officers and five (5) total members to re-register your club annually. Officer roles must be specified on the provided template. 



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Step 5: Initiate DocuSign forms for your UCORP Account & Advisor Agreement

You must resubmit the UCORP Account Authorization & Advisor Agreement form annually.

These forms will formally renew and update the authorized UCORP account users and advisor of record for your club each year. Club Presidents should initiate this form.

The form is submitted on DocuSign:

  1. The club president should navigate to the UCORP Account Authorization & Advisor Agreement DocuSign Powerform
  2. The president will list: 1) their name & email 2) the Treasurer's name & email 3) the Advisor's name & email in the appropriate boxes. Then click "Begin Signing."

    *Note - please use official SF State email addresses only.

  3. The President will then be prompted to sign the document via DocuSign. 

    *Note - The President may download an "in-progress" copy of the form after they have signed. 

  4. Once the President signs, the form will be sent to the Treasurer to sign.
  5. Once the Treasurer signs, the form will be sent to the Advisor to sign.
  6. Once the Advisor has signed, the form will be be sent to the SET & UCORP office for final review and signature
  7. Once SET & UCORP have signed, the finalized copy will be sent to the President via email

    *Note - The finalized copy will only be available after all parties have signed.

  8. Save the finalized copy of the form for upload later.  

Have a New Advisor?

If your advisor is new and would like to have access to advising resources from Student Engagement & Transition, please provide them this link: 

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Step 6: Complete the Re-Registration Application Form on GatorXperience

Gather your finalized 1) Constitution 2) Roster 3) UCORP Account Authorization & Advisor Agreement Form -  now is the time to start the formal application to re/register your organization!

Club Presidents should submit this form:

  1. The club President should log-in to GatorXperience and navigate to the Organization's profile page. 
  2. On the top right of the organization profile page, click the blue button that says "Manage Organization." You will be brought to the organization's "Manage - Homepage."
  3. You should see a new button that says "Reregister this Organization." Click that button to begin the form.
  4. Provide the information requested on the form. There will be a section where you will upload your completed constitution, roster, and UCROP Account Authorization & Advisor Agreement form. 
  5. Once you have completed all the sections you will submit the form and move to the next step. 

*Note - For the UCORP Account Authorization & Advisor Agreement Form, you should upload the finalized and signed copy that's provided after all signers have concluded. You may upload an "in-progress" copy of the form in the place of the finalized form if you are just waiting on SET or UCORP to sign. 

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Step 7: Finalization Meeting

After you submit the form, the President & Treasurer are required to meet with a SET office representative to formally review the form submission, finalize, and approve the re-registration. 

How it works:

After you submit the re-registration form, a representative from our team will reach out to you via your official SF State email to schedule an in-person or remote meeting. 

*Note- during this meeting we will also review the following requirements:

  • Only Officers have a minimum SF State GPA of 2.0
  • Only Officers Undergraduates must be enrolled in 6 units; Graduates must be enrolled in 3 units
  • Only Officers Have not exceeded the allowable completed units (Undergrad: 150 units, Graduate: 50 units)