Looking to start a new club?

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Establishing a new RSO

We have about 260 recognized student organizations (RSOs) here at SF State. They range from academic to social justice to cultural and more! If you want to start a new student organization, great! We welcome new groups all the time. Here are the first steps you'll need to take to start a new student organization. 

  1. First, check our GatorXperience to ensure that the club you're looking for isn't already an established club on campus.
  2. If we don't already have the club you're looking for on our campus, your next step is to meet with one of our Student Life Coordinators to discuss the new club process. Reach out to our office at activities@sfsu.edu to make an appointment with one our Peer Involvement Advisors.

There are two times a year that a new club can become a recognized club on our campus:
Between May 1 - September 30 AND between January 1 - February 15.